Volunteers wanted

Volunteers wanted for the research of the wreck of the tanker ARDOR in September 2020

The 150 m long Italian tanker, built in 1927, was sunk not far from Dubrovnik in 1943 and is now lying at a depth of 85 m. It is suspected that the ARDOR still contains considerable amounts of heavy oil. As part of the decontamination program of Cleanwreck.org we are looking for volunteer CCR divers for her scientific research.
Free board, lodging, diving gases and scrubber on the 2HE-1.
Minimum requirements:
  • Complete own equipment (dry suit, CCR, stages, lamps, etc.)
  • Appropriate certification (hypoxic trimix)
  • Appropriate experience
  • Seaworthiness (1 week on the boat!)
Well-practiced buddy teams welcome!
Travel to Dubrovnik at your own expense (we may organize a carpool with a minibus at cost price).
If you are interested please contact me with PM!